TT Club Timetable

All of the following sessions are held at the TT Club, East Street.

Wednesday       10-11.00             Belstead School

                             11.30-12.15       Pre-School

                             12.45-1.45         Home education

                             4.00-5.00           Felsted School

                             5.00-7.00            Intermediate gym

Friday                  4.00 - 4.45          Beginner gym

                             4.00-5.30            lower Intermediate gym

                             4.00-6.00            Intermediate gym

Saturday             9.00-10.00          Choreography

                             9.15-10.45          beginner/intermediate gym

                             10.00-1.00          squad gym

Saturday monthly afternoons

Adult                              1st Sat 1.15-3.00pm

Open Tumble & floor    3rd Sat 1.15-3.00pm

Family Fun                    last Sat 1.15-2.15pm

We do have waiting lists for all our sessions so please also bear this in mind when asking about joining the club 

Session Updates

At TT we pride ourseleves in being able to offer Gymnastics lessons in schools, displays at public events and one to one gymnastics sessions as well as many other services.


If you are a school or event organiser looking for a Gymnastics coach or display, please contact us. 


If you would like to see our holiday timetable, please click here.


For membership and session fees, please click here.