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The Coaching Team

All of our coaches have a current DBS and Safeguarding Qualification.

Elise Hodges

Head Coach

Coaching: L3 Pre-School , L3 Cheer, L3 General Gym, L3 Team Gym, L3 WAG Modules 1&3, L2 Tramp/WAG,& MAG, L2 Tramp, Baby Gym, GMPD Gym & Free G.


Judging: MAG Regional/WAG & Tramp Club 

Other Qualifications: L3 Safeguarding Tutor, L3 Teacher & Assessor, Equity in Coaching, Data Protection, Club Management, Managing the Risks of Coaching. Time to Listen,.  Full Paediatric First Aid, Insured Nanny

Various other qualification to include child psychology, teenage counselling and self harm

zoe ranoe hall.png
Zoe Ranoe Hall

Volunteer Coach

Coaching:  Wed 4.00 - 7.00


Other Qualifications: Safeguarding in sport

david mccann.jfif
David McCann

Volunteer Coach

Coaching:  Fri  4.00 - 6.00


Other Qualifications: Safeguarding in sport

Coaching:  L1 WAG/Tramp

Other Qualifications:   First Aid, Safeguarding, TTL

Volunteer Coaches

If you are interested in coaching please feel free to speak to us as we are always looking for extra hands and cover for sickness and holidays.  As a Level 3 tutor and assessor, Elise Hodges can mentor you through to gain qualifications or you can volunteer for as long as you wish to.
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