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The busy compeition period is seeing many of our Gymnasts competing in their first competition, achieveing personal best scores and earning medals!!

Well done all!!

2018 Competitions

TT Club Challenge


Comp 1 – Level 3

Girls 10-15 yrs

Eleanor Tate – gold con, Gold Beam, Gold Vault, Silver Floor, Bronze Bars

Tammy Long – Gold Bars, Floor, Vault, Silver Beam, Bronze Com

Amelia Hockley – Silver Con, vault, bars, Bronze Floor, Beam


Comp 1 – Level 2

Girls 8-9 Yrs

Rosanna Taylor – Bronze Con, Silver Floor, Gold Vault, Bars

Girls 10-11 yrs

Lily Orr – Bronze Con, Vault, Gold Bars, Beam, Floor

Girls 12-13 yrs

Kathy Steel – Bronze Bars

Girls 14-18 yrs

Claudia Nedziak – Silver, Con, bars, vault, floor, beam

Daisy Alcoe – Gold, Coon, bars, vault, floor, beam

Boys 12-16 yrs

Harrison – Bronze Bars, P bars, Com, Silver Vault, Gold Floor


Comp 2 – Level 1

Girls 6-7 yrs

Polyanna Ridler – Bronze Vault, bars, con, Silver Floor

Katie Kemp – Bronze Floor, beam, Silver Vault, Gold Con

Liberty Loveday – Gold Vault, bars, floor Silver beam, Con

Girls 8-9 yrs

Niamh Chambers – Gold Floor

Girls 10-12 yrs

Hannah Stevens – Silver Bars, Floor, Bronze Con

Emilee Tarran – Gold Floor Bronze Beam, Silver Con

Sophie Bepey – Silver Vault

Lily Rose Bowtell – Bronze Bars

Eve Hodson – Gold Beam

Mia Barr – Silver Beam

Holly Deamer – Bronze Floor


Boys 7-9 yrs

Harrison Loveday – Gold Vault, Rings, Bronze Con

Sander Whitehead – Silver Com, P Bars

Essex County Level 1 to 5 Apparatus

Level 1

Lily Rose Bowtell – 5th Overall, 6th Bars, 5th Beam, Bronze Floor

Niamh Chambers – 6th Overall, Silver Bars, Bronze Beam

Holly Deaver – 4th Overall, 4th Bars, 4th Beam

Sanja Stode – 12th Overall, 7th Bars, 7th Beam

Eve Hodson – 7th overall, 5th Bars, 6th Floor

Chiara Leonardi – 6th Overall, 5th Bars, 4th Floor

Sander Whitehead – Gold Overall, Gold Floor, Vault, Bars, P Bars



Level 2

Emilee Tarran – 11th Bars

Hannah Stevens – 7th Vault, 11th Floor

Mia Barr – 11th Floor



Level 3

Kathy Steel - 13th floor

Caudia Nedziak - Bronze beam, vault

Jess Latham - 9th vault 



Level 4

Tammy Long - 5th Vault, 6th Beam, 8th Floor

Amelia Hockley - 5th vault, 6th Beam 

Level 5

Eleanor Tate - 5th Beam, 6th Floor

Daisy Alcoe - 6th Floor

Regional Level 1 to 5 Apparatus Finals

Level 1

Niamh Chambers - 4th bars, 15th beam

Lily Rose Bowtell - 8th floor

Level 3 

Claudia Nedziak - 13th on vault, 12th Beam

                   TT Club Floor & Vault Challenge

Level 1 6-9 yrs            Katie Kemp      10th                  Liberty Loveday           6th

Level 1 10-14 yrs         Lily Rose Bowtell         1st         Sophie Bepey              2nd

Level 2 6-9 yrs             Rosanna Taylor            1st

Level 2 10-14 yrs         Hannah Stevens            1st         Emily James               1st

                                    Jess |Latham                 2nd        Olivia Bryant              3rd

Level 3                         Tammy Long                1st         Faye Tate                        2nd

                                    Eleanor Tate                 3rd        Amelia Hockley           4th

Lani Hodges                 10th


                    Team Floor & Vault

Level 1             Niamh Chambers, Chiara Leonardi, Sander Whitehead                    Bronze

Level 3             Kathy Steel, Claudia Nedziak, Rosanna Taylor                           7th

Competition Calendar Dates 2019

TT Level 1, 2 , 3                           B&G                  3 February 2019

Bury Novice Level 1 & 2            B&G                  15/16 June 2019

TT Schools & club B/S/G            B&G                  14 July 2019

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