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TT Club Disability Inclusion

The TT Club operates as an all inclusive club and  supports and encourages people with a disability and learning difficulties to participate in the sport, by providing a fun, safe and stimulating environment. 

We do our very best to cater to the needs of the participant and work alongside parents and carers to enable us to make targets and to monitor progress. We cater for a variety of disabilities and different severities and currently have a number of disabled members.

On accepting a child with special needs into mainstream classes we assess the needs and ability of the child, which then enables a decision on whether they may attend an existing session, or whether they require one to one sessions.  

Participant to Coach ratios are adjusted to take account of any special needs children, to ensure that all participants within the session, get the most out of it. Depending on the individual it may also be necessary for a parent or carer to be present at all times to assist the coach and the child may need a doctors certificate to confirm they can participate in activities, depending on their disability.  

It is the Parent/Carer's responsibility to ensure that all disabilities, learning difficulties and special requirements are highlighted in the participant starter pack, to enable the club to provide an appropriately qualified coach and to ensure the participant is getting the most out of their training sessions.

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