Welfare Officer

As a British Gymnastics affiliated club, we are required to have at least one independant Welfare Officer. The Welfare officer(s) main responsibility is to ensure that coaches, gymnasts and parents/carers are happy, and feel safe and secure in the club environment.  

Jasmine and Liz are the TT Club Welfare Officers, and is available for ALL members of the club, including family members/carers. If you feel the need to contact the welfare officer, all concerns raised are confidential and on a strict need to know bases. 

Please note that Welfare Officers are always copied into all  issues dealt with +within the club so they can advise to forward anything they are not happy with the appropriate parties.  


Tom Hodges

Level 1 WAG/MAG/Tramp

Tom is a full time members of the London Fire Brigade.  He works shifts with 2 days on and 2 days off and has taken a keen interest in the gym club since meeting Elise and their subsequent marriage in 2017.  He is now a Level 1 coach in WAG/MAG and trampolining, has done his general and trampoline judging and has attended his time to listen through BG to allow him to become a Welfare Officer both for the club and at competitions.  Email Tottenhanfa@gmail.com  Tel  07943 963490


Liz Ager

Level 1 WAG / Level 2 Pre School

Liz used to a nurse at Broomfield hospital and has her 3 grandchildren at the club.  She is paediatric first aid trained and takes several sessions each week.

Tel:  07429550598

Email: lizager92@googlemail.com

Jasmine Massidda

Level 2 WAG /

Full Time Tutor, Chelmsford College

Jasmine come on work experience for 3 weeks 10 years ago and loved the sport so much she has qualified to coach and also made sport her chosen career path.  She is not currently actively coaching however visits now and again or if needed for her role as Welfare Officer.

Tel:  07717805470

Email:  jasmine.massidda@hotmail.com

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