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Welfare Officer

In line with being an affiliated club we must have independent Welfare Officers.    We are required to have a Welfare Officer who is responsible for ensuring that coaches and gymnasts are happy, safe and secure within the club environment.  This position is voluntary and we currently have a Welfare Officer who can be contacted at any time by gymnasts, coaches or parents to discuss any issues relating to the cub or their children.  They have been fully trained in Safeguarding and Protection and also a Time to Listen course to enable them to then take appropriate action.


Our Welfare Officer is Kellie London.  Kellie works with Year 7-11 in a secondary school as a PE teacher.  She also teaches Health & Social Care to year 10 and 11.  She is the mother of a teenager and also undertakes a pastoral role as Head of Year 8.


She has undertaken her Safeguarding & Course, has a current DBS check and has also completed the Time to Listen Course and is happy to discuss anything regarding the club and to support the Head Coach in ensuring that the club is a safe and welcoming environment at all times. 


Kellie’s contact details are as follows:

Email:                                        Mobile:  07540 154727


They are happy to meet in person or discuss matters over the phone and the Head Coach consults them about anything deemed appropriate to enable the club to be covered in matters arising.


If you feel it necessary to contact any of the above, your concerns will be kept confidential if necessary and the appropriate people consulted or informed going forwards to resolve matters to ensure matters are taken on by professionals where necessary.

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